Water and Effluent Treatment

Our water and effluent treatment are based on clean water through innovation, creativity and expertise. This innovation includes different sectors for application such as pulp and paper, mining and metals treatment, government water, power generation, petrochemical, food, etc. The solutions in this area include the design, engineering and everything needed for any industrial or government application. Our focus is on the purification of waste water and energy extraction through these, the reuse of water and recycling.

Water Treatment:

  • Catchment and Water Cleaners
  • Sand Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion Exchange
  • Clarifiers
  • Recycled Water System

Effluent Treatment:

  • Thin Debugging
  • Primary clarifiers
  • Biological Treatments
  • Sorters Side
  • Tertiary Treatment
  • Sludge Management

Boiler Water:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion Exchange System
  • Valves
  • Membranes