// SRF

Solid Recovered Fuel, the best alternative to fossil fuel.


Our civilization needs and uses more and more energy, while drowning in garbage. with all the problems of air pollution, soil and space involved.

BMH Technology in conjunction with Inter-Tech brings to Latin America and the world the latest technology to solve these problems.

The SRF production plant TYRANNOSAURUS, is the latest source of cheap and abundant energy, vastly superior in performance to biomass, and is undoubtedly the best substitute to fossil fuel.

SRF benefits

Local fuel, not imported.

The SRF is an homogeneous, standardized, mechanically and chemically clean fuel that doesn't contain hazardous waste or polluting organic material.

It's an environment friendly fuel.

Very low levels of CO2 emissions, low chlorine and sulfates, production and widespread use would mean a reduction Pollutant emissions of approximately 80%, compared with coal, oil and Pet Coke.

SRF solves 3 problems at once!

In addition to a massive reduction in emissions of polluting factors, without compromising performance, SRF is an abundant source of energy, and a effective solution to the garbage problem for the globe.